Travel Tips – How Google Destinations Helps You Find Your Next Tourist Destination


Travel Tips – How Google Destinations Helps You Find Your Next Tourist Destination

In recent times, Google has been experimenting with new Destinations for Google Maps. Google has partnered with several airlines, bus tours and travel agencies to include destinations and itineraries for travelers to choose from. These Destinations feature will help tourists and visitors plan their trips across the world in an easy-to-use interface.

Although Google Destinations has been primarily designed for mobile users, it has now also become available for laptop users. Let us try it. Type in a destination, country or city and add the keyword ‘destination’ into the Google search box. Did you find anything strange in the initial results? Check out some of the innovative Destinations listed by Google on their website:

Google Destinations list features, cities, landmarks, places of interest, historical monuments, natural wonders, parks & recreation sites, museums, beaches & seas, etc. A tourist destination can be based on any one or more of these categories. Cruises can be organized to take you to popular destinations like; South America, West Indies, Central America, Asia, Easter Island, Alaska, etc. The Destinations are categorized into virtual places based on real-life information from Google Maps interface. also be used for offering fast Internet access at locations outside the US. The feature was first launched for providing fast Internet access in New Zealand and now has been offered to other parts of the world. Google has made the process of selecting and booking a destination easier for customers by suggesting new Zealand destinations based on the area of the world where the user wants to go. The feature is not limited to providing fast access to Internet services; it also provides easy access to geographical features of that destination.