The Process of News Reporting


The Process of News Reporting

News is a type of reporting that informs the public about current events. Examples of newsworthy events are sports, political, science, and technological. News is subjective, and one person’s news can be another person’s news.

A few avenues through which news can be disseminated are print, television, radio, and online journalism. Print media outlets include daily newspapers and periodicals, as well as magazines. Television is the most common source of news, as it reaches a large audience through various channels and is available to most people around the world. Radio is another means of news distribution, with multiple radio stations broadcasting live and reporting stories at different times of the day.

Most of the stories broadcast by local networks or cable news channels are not really news in the strictest sense. Rather, they are reports prepared by experts on their personal knowledge of the matter at hand, as well as based on reporting from other sources. News broadcasts on television news channels, on major network and cable news channels, and on certain specialty channels are primarily designed to educate the public on topics of current interest. In contrast, some television news broadcasts are purely entertainment-oriented and share information with viewers about what they are watching.