5 Sources of Fake News


5 Sources of Fake News

News is an unpublished account of public human activity and seeks to influence, inform, or entertain the readers. The first need of a news item is that it should not be published somewhere else before hand. It needs to come to the public through some other source.

Second, if the news story can be proven to be inaccurate by any of the sources stated, it is retracted and the publisher must issue a retraction and amend the article. Third, if there is any valid information in the news story and that information can be verified by other sources other than the one who published the news story, this information is given to other media outlets as part of their media literacy skills. Fourth, if any kind of new research has been done on any aspect of the original story, it is reported as such in a new story. Fifth, if a story contains previously published material that was found to be untrue, the publisher must issue a retraction.

News organizations such as USA Today, CNN, The New York Times and others must meet high standards to maintain a credible reputation in the marketplace. Each source of a news story should be verified to ensure accuracy and to ensure that the news as reported is true, complete and correct. A credible media literacy program will help you avoid spreading false information through your own words and actions. By using sound media literacy skills, you can help your business or company maintain a good reputation with the entire network of news consumers, and you can avoid spreading fake news stories. When it comes to credibility, truth is best!