Destination Branding and Social Meaning


Destination Branding and Social Meaning

As a U.S. travel member, every travel marketing company can take part in the Destinations Council network and reap the rewards. Participating in free online webinars year-round, sharing the latest in travel industry research and destination marketing. Also, being a member of Destinations Council International (DCE) gives you access to DSE’s premium Destinations Experts, as well as the knowledge of over one thousand destination specialists from all over the world.

Destinations is a website which categorizes and classifies cities around the world according to their tourist appeal. Destinations is not like other tourism sites such as TripAdvisor, where you can just leave a review and expect a “thumbs up” from other customers. In fact, it is more than that as Destinations has developed an innovative and uniquely innovative process that involves the interaction of locals in the tourism industry to share their real life experiences with tourists and help guide them to the best destinations.

Destination Network is a social media community specifically for travelers and locals in the travel industry. Here you can share information about your next vacation spot and get reviews from other people who have recently traveled to the same place as you. Dancesafe is another great destination branding site that connects you to people who are passionate about the arts and culture in a new city. By visiting Dancesafe, you will meet like-minded people and gain insider information about what to expect at a place like a ballet or an opera.