Destination Weddings-The Imagined Communities of Our Times


Destination Weddings-The Imagined Communities of Our Times

Destination Weddings-the very names strike a chord in your heart, conjuring up visions of a perfect honeymoon at a picturesque, romantic location with exotic surroundings. Perhaps it’s the idea of spending your honeymoon on a tropical beach; exotic, romantic, and surrounded by lush beauty that seems to have been especially created just for your dream wedding. Or perhaps, it’s the idea of spending your honeymoon somewhere between the snow capped mountains of Switzerland and the sandy beaches of Hawaii that leave you feeling like you’re on another planet… where is your destination wedding? Personalized Destination Weddings.

Whether you are looking for a destination for business or pleasure (or both! ), you can custom design a vacation package that will include accommodations, meals, and tours in several of today’s most popular Destinations. With so many choices in Destinations, you can select a destination with extraordinary charm, historical value, or tourist appeal that inspires you. You can also choose a destination based on your personal interest in a specific area, type of cuisine, recreational pursuits, or sporting activities. (You can also visit the city for a day or two if you want to experience a different culture.)

Destinations are more than honeymoons. They are not set in stone, and no matter how much thought you put into the destination you choose, there is always room for adjustment. The most important factor is that your destination is a place you love. If you are visiting from out-of-town and would like to see the sights from the local restaurants, then it doesn’t matter where you stay as long as you enjoy yourself. A destination is more than a great hotel or a nice suite. It is where you go for relaxation, revitalization, learning, and fun.