The Varieties Of Travel


The Varieties Of Travel

Travel is the traveling of individuals between far away geographical areas. Travel can be done by car, bike, foot, plane, train, bus, sea or any other mode, with or without additional luggage, and is one way or round-trip travel. There are three main types of travel: land, air and water. Air travel occurs when a passenger boards a plane, and land travel occurs when a vehicle drives across terrain. Water travel is a form of both land and air travel, but without an airplane.

Tourism is one of the largest drivers of travel throughout the world. Tourism encompasses a variety of activities, including traveling to other countries for leisure and business purposes, but tourism encompasses a greater scope. For example, people travel to the United States for family vacations, educational trips, business meetings, and to serve as an entry into the United States immigration system. Other people travel for work, either internationally or domestically, either as a skilled worker or for a particular business venture.

The verb “to travel” refers to a process of going to somewhere, or from one place to another. The basic use of the word travel in the English language is to go from one point to another; it does not necessarily require an end destination. Traveling can take place on land, as in traveling from a point within a country to a point within another, or it can take place on water, as in traveling across a lake, ocean, or similar body of water. Some forms of travel are civil and political, such as traveling to a war-torn country for the express purpose of relieving the suffering of refugees, or on pilgrimage. Other types of travel, like motorcycling around the globe, are not necessarily associated with tourism, but can still be included in the definition of “travel”.