Traveling and Illness


Traveling and Illness

Travel is the transportation of individuals between different geographic areas. It may involve travel within a country, or to another part of the world. Travel is done by land, air, sea or water, with no luggage and may be one-way or round trip, with no stopovers. It may also mean traveling across an international border, or from one nation to another.

When traveling, it is important to understand when to leave home, when to stay in hotels and when to travel by road. Travel timing depends on the climate of the destination country, local customs and the security of the location. Most travelers avoid peak times for travel and stick to non-peak times when visiting places. Some travelers also avoid peak times when traveling abroad because traffic is at its worst, especially during peak tourist seasons, from Tuesday to Thursday during the summer months.

Individuals who plan on traveling or do not know when to get tested should get a medical alert card from their physician, which is easily available over the counter at pharmacies or health care facilities. These cards contain a unique code that provides information about immunizations that are recommended for travelers during certain seasons. Travelers can keep themselves healthy by getting tested before leaving on their trip, which is especially important for those who often travel without insurance.