The Routines of Travel


The Routines of Travel

Travel is the traveling of individuals between various geographic locations. Travel can be to a local place, state, country or abroad, with or without baggage, and may be one-way or round trip. There are two basic types of travel: one-way or round-trip, and two-way or round-trip. Round-trip travel is more economical, but it may not be safe for all countries or all schedules.

When travelling, there are three basic categories: routine, non-routine and emergency. Routine travel is when you travel for leisure, business or pleasure; you visit the same place everyday. Non-routine travel is when you are making a back-up plan because your normal travel plans did not work out, or you are going over-budget. Emergency travel is very dangerous; you must be able to leave the location in one piece, in case of flood, hurricane or earthquake. You need to have extra luggage if possible, in case of emergency.

Long distance travel takes up a lot of energy and time, especially if you are making frequent trips, which could be three times a year or more. There is a much better option for those who cannot make a long journey: one place travel. This is very convenient for those who take short trips because they can easily make one stopovers, which allows them to spend some time in each place they visit. They also get to explore different cultures and meet new friends who share their common interest.