Best Winter Sport Destinations in India

The list of places to visit in India is an endless one that never ends. You can travel to the exotic land of Rajasthan, the most famous tourist destinations of Kerala, the beautiful backwaters of Kerala and the national capital Delhi. The most preferred destinations are Varanasi, Goa, Agra, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Ajanta-Ellora-Rome. A trip to North India offers you innumerable opportunities to spend quality time with family and friends, explore new lands, participate in colorful festivals and participate actively in various events. If you have not started your tour to the northern region yet, this is the right time as there is a lot to discover.


Apart, from being the most visited tourist destinations, the top tourist destinations in winter sports destinations list includes the following states – Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. You will also find North America destinations like British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Illinois. Canada is also an important destination for adventure lovers and offers some of the finest trekking and biking tracks in the world. You can take part in white water rafting, ice fishing and much more.

If you are looking for a place for great adventure, then Alaska is the best place for you as it is full of scenic beauty, wildlife sanctuaries, fabulous mountains, forests and protected beaches. You will also find immense geographical diversity as you travel from the arctic circle to the ocean. This state has been made popular by its natural beauty and unique culture. Alaska is home to many attractions such as Alaskan glacier, enormous tundra, stunning wild alpine forests, inlets, lakes and rivers, marine habitat, and an iconic wildlife. This is the ultimate destination where you can indulge in unlimited activities and still see nature in her best avatar.