Destination Promotion

Destination Promotion: Empowers State Governors and Members to Create Community Benefits, improves economic development, and increases tourism. As a leading economic development agency in Florida, Destination Promotion has formed an advisory board to oversee the organization’s efforts and programs. Destination Promotion is pleased to partner with the Florida Office of Tourism and Entertainment, working together to capitalize on our state’s tourism and entertainment resources. The success of this program depends on its ability to partner with all key stakeholders, including government, business, and nonprofit organizations.


Destination Promotion is a comprehensive strategic marketing and public relations effort that combines effective design and technology strategies with the powerful influence of location branding and social meaning. In planning and creating Destination Promotion, Destination Marketing Consultants partner with businesses, nonprofit partners, and tourist destinations to enhance product and brand awareness, build community goodwill, and raise funds at every stage of the project. Destination Marketing allows businesses to expand their customer reach, increase visibility and participation in local events, and build a lasting positive public-relations reputation. Destination Promotion enables tourism organizations to enhance fundraising and maximize revenues. Destination Marketing provides a platform for positive PR and contributes to the overall impact of tourism marketing, while promoting the important contributions of destination businesses to Florida’s economy.

Destination Marketing is an exciting opportunity to engage customers and promote proven strategies for creating economic development in imagined communities. We envision a new era of smart destination planning where smart development projects are informed by real world examples from around the globe, and integrated with creative design. Destination Marketing brings to life ideas for generating tourist destinations, while providing opportunities for smart design and successful implementation. With the innovative assistance of a knowledgeable Destination Marketing Consultant, Destinations can create powerful partnerships with key stakeholders, build comprehensive strategic alliances, and enhance growth and equity throughout Florida’s diverse tourist destinations.