Elements of News

News is one subject that has occupied our minds since time immemorial. The purpose of the news is to relay information to the public with reference to events that have happened. From these definitions it is now quite clear to have known the components of news.


Let us see what these are now. Objective means the reporting of the facts as they actually took place. This includes facts, figures, and other data that are relevant to the subject of the news and being reported on. It is very important that all news agencies adhere to this guideline and make every effort to not distort, lie, or embellish in any way.

Subjective is subjective, meaning it is what an individual feels or thinks about a particular subject. For example, if one is discussing the recent unrest in Kashmir and someone asks you how the situation there is affecting the civilian population you could answer that the unrest was caused by Indian shelling, and that there is a huge problem in terms of tourism in the valley. If the listener disagrees with you then you can state that Kashmir is a heaven on earth because there is a famous park which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Now you can see the difference between objective and subjective news and it is this difference that has made the media highly participative in our society.