Stay Or Get Bail – The Basics Of Stays

No one likes to be taken away from their home, school, or place of work by a judge or other authorities because of their inability to stay in that home, school, or place of work. There are many different types of stays and warrants out there, but they all basically have the same goal in mind. That goal is to keep an individual out of a specific location while legal proceedings take place. Whether the person is allowed to remain in one place or is taken to another, there are different procedures put in place for these types of situations.


There are actually two different types of stays and warrants in court. One type is an innkeeper’s stay. This is where an individual who owes money to someone else will be asked not to enter the premises while legal proceedings are going on. Another type of stay is called a preventive stay and is essentially the same as it sounds. The person who owes money to someone will be asked not to keep back any money in the hope that if they do, the other party will pay them off.

There are some instances where a stay or warrant can be revoked. For example, if a person is convicted of certain crimes, their standing as a person with a right to stay can be taken away. Many times, this happens when the person is involved in a crime that was caught on a police officer’s radar. Whether a person was just sitting in their home the day the crime was committed or if they were actually involved in the commission of that crime, their rights to stay or get bail can be compromised and a warrant for their arrest issued.