Urban and Rural Destinations

There are many popular tourist destinations throughout the world. These destinations range from the urban beaches of Brazil to the vast Andes mountain range. Some of the more popular destinations include; Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Rome, Hawaii, Cape Town and New Zealand, to name a few. Each tourism destination is different in their own way, but they all share a love of the environment and people of all walks of life.


Tourists from all over the world travel to these popular destinations each year to experience the beauty and culture of the destination. Paris is one of the most popular cities to visit and is considered a cultural and art centre in the world. Other popular destinations include Rome, Istanbul, Hawaii, Cape Town and New Zealand. A trip to any of these destinations would provide an excellent basis for a holiday that would be spent with family and friends. These destinations offer the best of urban and rural living, with plenty of opportunity to get up close to animals and plants. In addition to being a location for great cultural experiences, these destinations offer some of the most stunning views in the world.

Urban and rural alike have a lot to offer the tourist destinations that surround them. People of all ages and cultures to visit and create new friends in the cities and create lasting friendships in the outlying rural areas. Each day we receive more emails from all over the world asking for advice on where to go or where to spend their next holiday. So, rather than writing it down, why not just take a photo of the destination and then send it to your friend or loved one, as they will surely have a lot to say about where you had the time of their lives!