News in a Bottle – What is News?

A news flash or a news article is one of those media forms that are everywhere-and they are not always made very well. Often, they are rushed into a news story, with little if any research being done behind the scenes. It is important, however, to read these news articles and take note of what they are reporting because often, a single event can have many ramifications and is thus worth a closer look than a regular news report.


One way to make sure that the news you are reading is accurate is to read it yourself. This is something that many people do not do because of the nature of the medium. News can be divided into two different categories: news items and non-news items. Non-news items are more general pieces that give information about current events and trends. News items are news items that are related to the subject matter of that news item.

In order for the news to be considered as truly representational of societal change, it has to be of an exceptional nature. Most of the current mass media, including print, television, and radio are now wholly dependent on social media for their success and as such, they have been stripped of much of their traditional news values. While the overall quality of the news is bound to improve as more outlets try to better inform their audience and as more people become more conscious of their influence, there is still a long way to go in this area and the media industry will most likely continue to evolve towards greater levels of transparency.