Destination Marketing and Planning

Destinations, or tourist destination, refers to a place or area that has adequate tourism facilities and attractions. Different travelers are influenced by various factors while deciding their destinations. The cost and safety of the destination are also highly considered before making decisions. Thus, destination marketing and planning are an important aspect that needs careful attention.


The types of destinations include beach destinations, urban destinations, rural destinations, theme destinations, cultural destinations, religious destinations, etc. Beach destinations, for example, have gained popularity among tourists due to its relaxed atmosphere. Urban destinations are preferred by those looking for a modern environment and serenity and rural tourism has gained popularity among couples seeking a romantic destination and serenity.

The internet and travel guides are great resources in choosing the final destination of a holiday. With a simple search on the internet, one can find the top most destinations and check out the facilities available at each of these destinations. Some websites provide hotel information, flight timings, airport information, etc., while some provide detailed information on everything that one needs to know before embarking on a holiday tour. A wise tourist picks the final destination after thorough research, so that he does not miss out on any of the good travelling opportunities in his final destination.